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Li & Fung first began its distribution business in the U.S. in 2005 and then expanded to Europe in 2008. By working closely with brands and retailers, Li & Fung addresses their specific needs in the areas of design, sales and marketing, and distribution as well as managing the supply chain.

The Company's distribution operation consists of three pillars: private labels, proprietary brands and licensing of recognized brands. In the area of private labels, Li & Fung helps retailers produce finished products under a private label or in-house brand. To develop proprietary brands, the Company takes nationally recognized brands and builds exclusive lines of merchandise for retailers. For licensing, Li & Fung works closely with customers to build up well-known brands through product design, branding, sourcing, product delivery, quality control, pricing and warehousing.

Following the success achieved in the U.S. and Europe, distribution business in Asia begins in 2011. LF Asia, as one of our Distribution business unites, mainly distributes consuming goods in Asia with a wide variety of products from many different segments like foods, healthcare, cosmetics & beauty, apparel, footwear, kids’ products etc.In China, LF Asia has nearly 1,000 employees running a nation wide distribution network in more than 40 cities.

Positions Location Post time
3D 设计师 - 服装(应届/实习均可) Shanghai-Minhang 2019-07-03
Assistant Merchandise Manager-厨具/家居用品 Shanghai-Minhang 2019-07-03
Assistant Merchandiser-家具 Shanghai-Jiading 2019-07-03
Merchandise Manager (童装) Shanghai-Minhang 2019-07-03
Merchandiser- Garment(APM040) Shanghai-Minhang 2019-07-03
Assistant Manager-Technical Shanghai-Minhang 2019-07-03
Merchandiser业务跟单(杂货) Shanghai-Minhang 2019-07-03
Divisional Merchandise Manager Shanghai-Minhang 2019-07-03
Manager - Technical (Color) Shanghai-Minhang 2019-07-03
Fabric Merchandiser-Woven Shanghai-Minhang 2019-07-03
Senior Merchandiser-Fabric Shanghai-Minhang 2019-07-03
供应商审计合规专员-杭州 Shanghai-Minhang 2019-07-03
Senior Merchandiser- 牛仔(APM040) Shanghai-Minhang 2019-07-03
senior merchandiser-garment(APM040) Shanghai-Minhang 2019-07-03
Product Development-化妆品陈列 Shanghai-Minhang 2019-07-03
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