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Position:供应链项目主管 Project Supervisor

Release Date: 2019-11-21 Working Location: Shenzhen
Recruitment Number: 1 Job Function: Supply Chain Supervisor/Specialist
Salary Band:> Job Nature: full-time job
Work-life: 3-4 years Learn Calendar:
Language Requirement:English Good  
Job Description

  1. Support the formulation and execution of relevant policies and mechanisms in relation to the project management.协助与项目管理相关的政策和机制的制定和执行。
  2. Provide expertise support for the process of the DC project, including area layout, design and optimization of the process, operation plan, monitoring and control, and so on.在仓储分拨项目过程中提供专业技术支持,包括仓储布局、流程的设计和优化、操作计划、监控和控制等。
  3. Support research on customer demand and market situation, propose improvement plan on allocation of resources and elevation of competitiveness in response to change of market and customer requirement. 协助对客户需求和市场情况的研究,提出资源配置的改进方案提高竞争力,以适应市场变化和客户需求。
  4. Support development of policies and procedures for customer service excellence; facilitate the development of policies and procedures to enhance customer service in General Services; support development and monitor a strategic plan for department customer service.协助客户服务的政策和程序的优化,促进制订政策和程序,在常规方面加强客户服务,协助开发和监督落实部门客户服务的战略计划。
  5. Support development and explore project business, participate in negotiation and communication协助项目开发与其他该项目的任务,参与谈判和沟通。
  6. Support development and prepare special customer surveys and information gathering tools; coordinate survey instruments; report survey results.协助开发和准备特殊的客户调查和信息收集工具,用调查工具进行整合,并报告调查结果。


1. Possession of a Bachelor degree in project management, statistics, planning or relevant discipline.


2. A combination of training, education, and experience that is equivalent to the employment standard listed above and that provides the required knowledge and abilities. 


3. At least 3 years relevant working experience in DC operations or Supply Chain in project management role 


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